PEX crimp USA
PEX crimp USAPEX crimp USA
PEX crimp USA
PEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USAPEX crimp USA
PEX crimp USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I measure a crimped ring to be sure it is crimped correctly?
A: Each PEX crimping tool is provided with a GO gauge. All of the ring sizes are on one gauge. If the ring is within the specifications (see Table) the GO gauge will fit over it. If the GO gauge does not fit over the ring (don’t measure on the bump where the crimper jaws meet), then the ring is not sufficiently crimped. This ring should be cut off and replaced. Since incorrect crimps can deform fittings as well as rings, always use a new fitting if you have to make a new crimp.

Q: Do I have to use the tool provided by the manufacturer of the pipe and fitting to get a good crimp seal?
A: No. All PEX pipe and fittings are manufactured in accordance with the ASTM 1807 standard, and crimps on PEX rings must meet the same standard. Crimped rings conform to that standard when you use any Crimpmaker™ tool.

Q: Can the Crimpmaker™ tools be repaired?
A: Mil3 repaired any Crimpmaker™ crimping tool for many years. Rising costs made it necessary to change this to a replacement policy that is cost-friendly to our users, the plumbing community. See the Warranty & Replacement page for instructions receiving a low cost replacement tool.

Q: I have a tool that looks just like a Crimpmaker™, but it has no markings. Can this tool be replaced?
A: The only PEX crimping tools that can be replaced are tools that have the Mil3 Inc logo stamped into the body. Crimping tools that look like a Crimpmaker™ but aren’t stamped with the Mil3 logo, are a cheap knockoff made in China. These tools may not crimp in spec, even if repaired. For more see Why Crimpmaker.

Q: Where is the Crimpmaker™ made?
A: The Crimpmaker™ is still built in the United States, as it has been for the past 26 years.

Q: How do I know this is a reliable tool?
A: These tools have been purchased by professional plumbers through plumbing wholesalers for 26 years. Over a half-million of these have been sold in the US and Canada.

Q: I have lost an e-clip on my tool. Do I have to send it back to repair or can I get parts?
A: E-clips, springs, adjustment and pivot pins, and GO gauges can be bought separately. To order parts, send e-mail with your inquiry to or call (866) 688-6453

Q: Will my Crimpmaker™ work on stainless steel rings?
A: Mil3 does make a Crimpmaker™ that will crimp 1/2" and 3/4" stainless sleeves. We will have them on our website soon. In the meantime,call (866) 688-6453 for price and availability.

Q: Can I use the Crimpmaker™ on polybutylene pipe and fittings?
A: The tool can be used on polybutylene wherever polybutylene pipe is allowed for potable water pipe or radiant heating installation.

Q: Where should Canadian customers buy Crimpmaker™ tools?
A: Crimpmaker™ tools are available from plumbing distributors, wholesalers and home improvement stores throughout Canada. To find a tool in your area call:

Wilkins & Zurn PEX Products | (905) 405-8272
CB Supplies | (905) 629-4242
G.F. Thompson Ltd | (905) 898-2557
Lyncar | (800) 263-7011

British Columbia
CB Supplies | (604) 535-5088

Spectrum Sales Agency | (780) 486-2525


PEX crimp USA
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PEX crimp USA