PEX crimp USA
PEX crimp USAPEX crimp USA
PEX crimp USA
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PEX crimp USA


Welcome to the PexCrimpUSA links page. The sites listed here are web pages that we have reviewed and found to be useful for PEX pipe and general plumbing information. These include professional organizations, PEX pipe information sources, and plumbing discussion sites. If you find a broken link on this page, please let us know by e-mail at

PEX Fitting Suppliers

Mobile Home Repair

Mobile Home Repair

Ferguson Enterprises Ferguson Enterprises
SupplyHouse SupplyHouse


PEX Pipe Information Links

Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association

Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association
Information about all plastic plumbing systems.

Plastics Pipe Institute Plastics Pipe Institute
A trade association for the plastic pipe industry.
Pex Information Pex Information
A good source for understanding PEX and different PEX connection


Plumbing Information Links
Good plumbing discussion and advice page.

Terry Love Terry Love
Another good discussion site for residential and remodel plumbing.
Lots of links, a forum, and a plumbing contractors and manufacturers directory.
Directory of plumbing contractors.
Good links site to everything plumbing on the Web.
Plumbing forum and directory for plumbers. Visit
The Leading Home Improvement and Remodeling Website Featuring the Internet's Largest Hardware Superstore

Plumber Kennesaw

Aames Plumbing and Heating, serving the Atlanta GA area, has over 20 years of experience in the plumbing, septic, heating, and air conditioning business.

Knight Knight Plumbing
Knight Plumbing provides drain cleaning, air conditioning repair, plumbing and heating services in Calgary.
Mike Diamond Plumbing Services Orange County
Mike Diamond offers affordable solutions for air conditioning installation, drain cleaning, plumbing and heating in Orange County and Los Angeles.
Angel Plumbers Angel Plumbers
Angel Plumbers is a full service Los Angeles plumbing contractor offering services for residential, commercial and industrial properties in the Los Angeles area.


Professional Associations


Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors Association
Professional organization for plumbing and heating contractors with state chapters.

ASPE The American Society of Plumbing Engineers
International organization for plumbing system engineers. Provides technical information and education to the plumbing industry.


PEX Plumbing Suppliers


Watts Regulator Company
Manufacturer of potable water PEX pipe and fittings, and other plumbing supplies.

Bow Bow Plastics
Manufacturer of plastic pipe and fittings for the plumbing industry.


Links to Buying American
Website with links to American made products and tips on buying American



PEX crimp USA
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PEX crimp USA